The Silence of Alexiel

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No, I don't have a cool video to put up. And no, the Tri-Force martial arts group is not dead. We are far from it, as far as I can tell. The only thing that holds us back is the silence that keeps us from being together to train as much as we would like. That's a bit of what I'd like to talk about...with the focus being on the quietest member of the group: me.

Being the most reserved member of the group, I honestly am a silent person if I have nothing to contribute to a conversation. Unfortunately, this has seeped into my role as Alexiel within this group. If you haven't been reading my blog, then in terms of skill and performance as a member of this group, you would strictly see me at face-value; I am the least trained and least active member of the group. Period. However, Shaian & Kou will be the first to say that it's not my fault I live on a campus 80 some miles away from our homebase with the craziest schedule to top it off. At the same time, I then have nothing to contribute to the group, in terms of conversational improvement, breakthroughs, cool moves, etc. And thus, in our group discussion, I become more silent than I feel I should be. In other words, they talk about how close they are to doing backhand springs and backflips, and I just congratulate them on their growth...because I do care, you know?

Why am I writing all of this? Because I'm also the most emotional, empathetic member of the Tri-Force. Not to mention I haven't had anything else to show for myself in the past 5-6 months. In other words, if you watch our vids, I'm just saying I'm still alive, just unable to train well due to college & weather conditions. I probably could have just wrote that, but then why would I want to be more silent than I already am?

I'll be back with the group in early May. Hopefully stronger, nimble, a bit faster, and maybe with a surprise or two to capture on tape. What? You thought I gave up on training while at school? Che...I'm fscking pissed about not being on level with them. Like hell I'm going to let Shaian & Kou steal all the glory! Best friends don't let best friends do such things. I might not be able to do a backhand spring, but that's not everything; just a step of something. Remembering that is the only thing that keeps me trying to make time to train rather than giving up all together.

Ja, boku wa ima shitsureshimasu...Bokura nihongo o yarinakerebanaranai ga arimasu yo...
(Now if you'll excuse me...I have some Japanese I need to do...)

Dewa jikai (Until next),
+ Alexiel +


At 8:13 PM, Anonymous ~Kou~ said...

>Duuuuuuude! >.< that's...so god damn touching. You know, we're so not stealing your glory...but hell, if it pumps you up this much...::steals teh glory:: >D

But seirously dude, I am so psyched to see you react so positively to this. We will never forget or leave you be as a dead member. Whether we have to personally see to it that you execute kick ass moves under our supervision or not, we know you will be at level with us, because skill and talent is all in the eye of the beholder. We all need work and until we're perfect, we must never stop excelling. (oooo, loop hole since no one is perfect XD )


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